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“Terry helped me rediscover the best part of ME and I am forever thankful!”

This experience has been so uplifting and life-changing. I’m honestly scared to even think about where I’d be now if I hadn’t made a change…and believe me, there’s NO turning back! Terry has pushed & motivated me to be a better, healthier ME. What I’ve lost in weight (almost 60 pounds…I was 232 at my heaviest weight) doesn’t even start to compare to what I’ve gained from this lifestyle change. My confidence and self-worth have improved, I feel empowered and more in control of my life and I have a better understanding of how to take care of my body and mental health. I’ve also discovered a more diverse selection of foods that I now like to eat, gained appreciation for natural taste and now find myself opting to skip many added seasonings/salts, sauces, and condiments that I used to eat with every meal.

In addition to a proper diet, hard work, sacrifice and getting educated on health and fitness, I attribute much of my success to the guidance, expertise and support of Terry. Terry went above and beyond to provide a support system. He took the time to make sure I had a comprehensive understanding of not just what I was doing (in regards to my adopted diet and workouts) but why I was doing it made all the difference. Without proper understanding of how to do things and why things should be a certain way makes it easy for us to do just keep doing the wrong things.

Ashley R.